Supplementary Table 3. E. coli genes used for construction of the NarP binding signal.




Experimental method


Cytochrome bd-type terminal oxydase

Cook et al., 1997

Beta-Galactosidase assays


Nitrate-nitrite antiporter

Li et al., 1994

DNase I footprinting


Formate dehydrogenase N


Cytoplasmic nitrate reductase

Darwin et al., 1996

DNase I footprinting and other methods


Peryplasmic nitrite reductase

Wang and Gunsalus, 2000

Beta-Galactosidase assays


Cytoplasmic nitrite reductase


Dimethyl sulfoxide reductase

Bearson et al., 2002

DNase I footprinting


Formate transporter - pyruvate formate-lyase

Kaiser and Sawers, 1995

DNA binding assays and other methods


Hydrogenase I

Richard et al., 1999

Beta-Galactosidase assays


Hydrogenase II


Trimethylamine-N-oxide reductase

Iuchi and Lin, 1987

Beta-Galactosidase assays


alcohol dehydrogenase; acetaldehyde dehydrogenase; pyruvate formate-lyase deactivase

Membrillo-Hernandez and Lin, 1999

Beta-Galactosidase assays


Periplasmic nitrate reductase – heme exporter

Darwin et al., 1998

DNase I footprinting and other methods


Transporters for the uptake of C4-dicarboxylates and fumarase B

Golby et al., 1998

Beta-Galactosidase assays


Fumarate reductase

Kalman and Gunsalus, 1990

Beta-Galactosidase assays


NADH dehydrogenase I

Bongaerts et al., 1995

Beta-Galactosidase assays

* - only NarL-dependent regulation was shown.


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