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Welcome to TandemSWAN homepage!

TandemSWAN: algorithm for searching for degenerate tandem repeats without insertions and deletions. It is based on calculation of the repeat statistical significance and identifies the length of the repeated unit and the number of repetitions.

A new version of TandemSWAN is available. It performes a more reliable filtering of overlapping periods and allows fractional exponents.

Download the new version of TandemSWAN:

For those who whish to use the previous version of TandemSWAN described in Bioinformatics publication:

Thank you for using TandemSWAN!

This work was partially supported by the French Program EcoNet-08159PG, "Regulatory signals: prediction In Silico and experimentation", Russian State Contract, and Russian Fund for Basic Research grant 04-04-49601.

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